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welcome-thumbMar Gregorios Memorial Senior Secondary School established in 1965 by the members of the M.G.O Cathedral is the premier co-educational private school of Bhilai.  The school is founded in the name of the canonized saint of the Indian Orthodox Church, late Mar Gregorios of Parumala, who pioneered the cause of education. The School satisfies the need of all the people in and around Bhilai Township to educate their children with its secular approach.

Our Patron Saint

Mar Theodosius

parumala thirumeniIt is almost a century since the great Saint of Malankara' MAR GREGORIOS BAVA' also known to be Parumala Thirumeni, departed to his heavenly abode, but his memories are still afresh in the minds of Malankara people, passed through generation.


mar theodosiusThough the great legendary Saint of Bhilai 'MAR THEODOSIUS' lovingly known as Bhilai Thirumeni, departed to his heavenly abode after contributing his incomparable efforts to this country, but his memories are still afresh in the minds of people.


Principal's Desk


On behalf of M.G.M family I wish all the viewers all the best. Have a good viewing. God bless you.

Thank You
Principal, MGM Bhilai
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